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A clean commercial property is going to attract more business than one that isn't taken care of properly. Xpress Sweeping is here to take care of your exterior maintenance services at an affordable price.


Areas we service include:


• Shopping centers

• Hotels / motels / restaurants

• Apartments / condominiums

• Subdivisions

• Office complexes / banks

• Coffee and sandwich shops

• Construction sites

• Warehouse / industrial complexes

Trust in our professionals

Our experienced professionals have the skill and knowledge to adequately operate our Python 2000 sweeper systems. This gives you excellent results at a low cost. Enjoy the state-of-the-art sweeping technology that leaves less dirt, dust, and debris behind.


You can rely on our years of experience to get your property cleaned to your satisfaction. Contact us today at 401-825-6961 for your free estimate!

We can sweep and vacuum any large area

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