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Welcome to the Xpress Sweeping blog! Here we'll discuss the latest news at Xpress Sweeping, announce promotions, profile some of our employees, and give you helpful tips on how to keep your property looking great all year round.


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By xpresssweep69613221, May 8 2018 01:09PM

Now that the winter is finally over, our crews have been hard at work at our commercial clients' properties around the state cleaning up the last of the sand and debris. We know how important it is to present a clean, welcoming property to your customers, employees and visitors and we work around the clock to make it happen without disrupting your day-to-day business operations.

The first step to winter cleanup is eliminating the salt and sand left by plows throughout the winter. To do that, we use our sweeping and vacuuming trucks, along with a crew of dedicated and careful employees who use gas powered blowers to assist the larger machines.

Next we come through and inspect the property for damage such as potholes, cracks in the surfaces, or missing/damaged barriers. We also assess the landscaping. The end result is a welcoming commercial property ready for a busy Spring and Summer season!

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By xpresssweep69613221, Apr 3 2018 11:26PM

We are preparing our sweeper and vacuum trucks for a busy cleanup season. After a long snowy winter, lots of salt, sand and debris still remains on paved areas all over the state, and we are looking forward to beautifying our customers' properties again.

One major concern going into the warmer weather is for the safety of vehicles on sandy surfaces, especially motorcycles. A motorcycle can easily slip going around a corner on a sandy surface. We take great care to clean, as if our own family members could be riding their motorcycles on the roads we are sweeping.

Another important reason for springtime cleaning is to clear gutters of all of the debris from the winter. That way, the surrounding areas will be less prone to flooding during springtime storms, and water runoff will drain normally.

If your property needs an overhaul after this very long winter, give us a call at 401-825-6961 for your free estimate!

By xpresssweep69613221, Nov 7 2017 03:34AM

October is always a busy month for us with the ending of Summer and beginning of Fall. Here at Xpress Sweeping, we were out working all across Rhode Island and the surrounding areas, helping our customers prepare for the cold weather and vacuuming the already falling leaves.

The images above are from a fencing replacement job, something we do quite often; and also two landscaping jobs requiring our larger dump trucks.

Other jobs we worked on this month included paving jobs in North Kingstown, sidewalk demolition and replacement in Cranston and curb repair in Warwick.

We would love to assist you with whatever outdoor maintenance your business needs, and as always, we offer free estimates. Don't forget to get on our list for snow plowing, as the snow will be here before you know it. Call us at 401-825-6961 to speak with us today!

By xpresssweep69613221, Sep 30 2017 01:28PM

Pumpkin flavored everything is back, which is a sure sign that Fall is almost here. We've also noticed the leaves starting to fall already, and have begun preparing our extensive fleet of vacuum and sweeper trucks for a busy season.

So why is it important to clear dead leaves off your paved surfaces?

Leaves quickly clog gutters

New England Fall weather can include a lot of rain, so the last thing you want is to have clogged gutters. When clogged, gutters can't properly drain water from paved surfaces, causing flooding. Keep roadways clear of leaves and other debris so that flooding is minimal or non-existent, even during heavy rains.

Leaves become slippery when wet, posing a risk for pedestrians, bikers and motorcyclists

There are already enough hazards that pedestrians, bikers and motorcyclists have to deal with. Don't add wet, slippery leaves to the mix. Especially if you have, as an example, a shopping center up on a hill and the roadways are curvy or hilly, pay special attention to leaves building up. Your customers will thank you!

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By xpresssweep69613221, Sep 10 2017 02:43PM

August was a very busy month for Xpress Sweeping!

In addition to the regular sweeping jobs, we helped with several DOT projects around the state, and we also completed maintenance work including a patio and sidewalk renovation (pictured). We removed all of the existing concrete and other surfaces to enable a fresh design and build.

As Fall approaches, consider calling us to schedule a free estimate for winter preparation. Sealing small cracks in your paved surfaces will prevent them becoming much bigger with the freeze and thaw cycles this winter.

The list of pavement maintenance services we provide includes:

Backhoe services:

• Snow removal

• Site work

• Striping and seal coating

Bobcat Services:

• Snow removal

• Smaller excavation jobs

Landscaping Services:

• Grounds management

• Trimming of unsightly trees / shrubbery

• Garden maintenance

• Lawn care

• Transplanting

Pressure Washing Services:

• Exterior: walls and sidewalks

• Interior: floors and walls

Hardscaping Services:

• Sidewalks

• Brick patios

• Retaining walls

* Required